The Lowest Payment Processing Rates On the Market

Our Average Customer Saves 33% on Payment Processing Fees

That’s $1,300 per $100,000 Processed

Why Businesses Switch to MoneyBox

Continual Rate Adjustments

We fight for you to lower your processing rates. 

Fraud & Chargeback Prevention

We defend your business against chargebacks and other fraudulent activity.

Merchant Account Services

We guide you through transitioning to MoneyBox and make the process simple and easy for you. 

No Payment Holds – Your Money Clears In Less Than 24 Hours

Instead of holding your money indefinitely to invest in high-frequency trading accounts like some processors, we deposit your money as soon as the transaction clears. We do not hold money for indefinite periods with no communication.

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The More Your Process – The More You Save

We give our customers volume-based discounts on top of our already heavily discounted processing rates. Every 18-24 months we evaluate your rates and work to achieve a lower rate based on your credit, chargeback history, and volume. 

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How MoneyBox Saves Your Money

We process payments at interchange-plus pricing, just adding a small margin to the interchange rate. The interchange rate is what Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or another card issuer charges for a transaction on their network.

We process payments at interchange-plus pricing, just adding a small margin to the interchange rate. The interchange rate is what Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or another card issuer charges for a transaction on their network.

Processing Fees Table
Card Network Interchange Rate Our Margin Your Processing Fee
Visa Debit 0.80% + 15¢ 1.2% 2.00% + 15¢
Visa Credit 1.51% + 10¢ 1.2% 2.71% + 10¢
Mastercard Debit 1.05% + 22¢ 1.2% 2.25% + 22¢
Mastercard Credit 1.65% + 10¢ 1.2% 2.85% + 10¢

*Our margin varies by customer risk level. Gateway fees may apply.

Our Pricing In Action

We dynamically add our margin on top of the interchange rate and are always fully transparent about our margin. The best part? The more volume you transact on our platform, the lower our margin. 

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Flat Rate Pricing

Other payment processors take the entire spread between the interchange fee and their rate, meaning you pay the same amount regardless. That’s not fair – if the payment processor is more profitable, you should be too. 

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A Payment Processor Friendly to High-Risk Businesses 

Regardless of your risk level, we work with you to find payment processing solutions that work for you and your margins, even for high-risk businesses. 

No Payment Holds

Unlike many processors, we don’t hold your money for days or weeks without communication.

Fraud & Chargeback Prevention

We work closely with banks and set up PCI-compliant virtual terminals to help you reduce chargebacks and win more disputes. 

Poor Credit Approval

Even if you have low credit or a previous business went under, we will still approve you for a high-risk merchant account. 

We Leverage Bank Relationships to Get You a Lower Rate

Every 12-24 months, we negotiate with our bank partners on your behalf to get you an even lower rate. Our active role in your business is what sets MoneyBox apart. 

MoneyBox Features

We have a dynamic feature set that goes beyond just processing your payments.

Feature Comparison Table
Feature MoneyBox Stripe PayPal QuickBooks Shopify Square
Interchange Plus Pricing
High-Risk Processing
Transparent Margins
Unexpected Money Holds
Volume Rate Discounts
No Agreement Term

Our Solutions

Credit Card Processing

Flexible, fast, affordable credit card processing capabilities.

ACH Payment Processing

Transfer money seamlessly with ACH processing solutions.

Fraud Prevention

Protect your customers’ data and your business’s information.

Point of Sale

Accept payments in person with our Point of Sale System.

Virtual Terminals

Accept payments online, by mail order, email, or in person.

eCommerce Gateways

The right solutions to fit your eCommerce needs.

Mobile Payments

Accept and process payments quickly while on the go.

Chargeback Protection

Cut costs and reduce risk with powerful tools.

We Saved a Medical Private Practice $40,000 per Month in Processing Fees

Prior to MoneyBox, the company was paying close to $90,000 per month in payment processing fees. After MoneyBox, we have dropped that number to just below $50,000. 

“We conducted thorough research and compared different pricing options before settling on a new provider. After careful consideration, we chose Moneybox. We have been happy with the results for years since using their services. We interact with the product daily through their website, and most of the payments are automatically processed using Authorize.Net. We find Moneybox to be a reliable and efficient company.”


“I acquired a business that was on the verge of closing down, but with the help of Moneybox I was able to turn it around. By changing the ownership of the machine and processing payments through their terminal, we were able to keep our business afloat. Their prompt service and secure system are unmatched. We have been using their services for a while now and have never had any issues. In fact, they even require us to call them once a year to ensure our system is up to date. As our business continues to grow, we are excited to explore the many options that Moneybox has to offer, including a point-of-sale machine. They have been our go-to solution for everything, from computer issues to firewalls. We couldn’t be happier with their exceptional service.”


We were starting a new business and needed a reliable company to process our credit card payments. After some research, we found Host Merchant Services and began working with them in January 2021. The staff has been very helpful, and we’ve had positive experiences with both the Compliance team and technicians. We process payments in person using a terminal, and the service and machine have been excellent with no issues.

Tony and Sherry

I had a wonderful experience with this company regarding high risk merchant services. Their consistent communication and daily updates regarding my application status during the approval process were greatly appreciated.


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