Softgoods, home goods, etc.


Brick and Motor

Store Front Retail

Running a retail store comes with a lot of challenges. With a reliable POS system and merchant account, we can offer your customers an exceptional experience whenever they shop with you.

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Food & Beverage, Hospitality



Fine Dining and Quick Service

With the complexity of the dining experience, from check splitting to paying at the table, you need to ensure reliable, fast, and convenient credit card processing. Moneybox can help ensure a smooth and secure payment experience for both customers and businesses.

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Tax, Legal, advisory


Accountants, Lawyers and Advisors

Large firms or Small Private Practices

Moneybox provides safe and swift payment processing, personalized solutions, and superior customer service for law firms.

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online sales



Drop Shipping

Selling online has become more popular than ever before. Having a successful online business relies highly on your merchant account. Unified Payment Tech will give you the tools to perform online credit card processing easily.

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medical, dental, wellness


Doctor Offices

Medical and Wellness Professionals

Healthcare billing is a complicated process that usually involves the participation of multiple parties, insurance claims, and various billing codes. At Unified Payment Tech, we offer our healthcare partners a solution that enables them to accept omnichannel payments, making it more convenient for patients to pay their medical bills.

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firearms, cbd, adult


Firearms, CDB, Sex Toys

Retailing complex regulated items

Whether you’re selling firearms online or in-store, it’s no easy task. Any successful firearms dealer needs to find a gun-friendly merchant provider. At Moneybox, we specialize in credit card processing for the firearms industry.

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charity, donations, 501c3



Gifts, Donations and Charity

Our nonprofit credit card processing and payment services are designed to make it easy for registered 501c3 nonprofit organizations to accept donations. We offer a range of services, including setting up recurring donations, onsite terminals, and taking donations over the phone. Our pricing is transparent, and we work hard to ensure that as much of your donations as possible go directly towards supporting your mission.

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Accept in-person payments via terminal, POS, or mobile with Moneybox.

Full list of Industries

We are committed to providing all businesses with the necessary support to accept credit cards and electronic payments. If you don’t see your industry listed, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Nowadays, customers expect a more convenient and contactless payment experience. Expanding your payment options, from NFC payments to QR codes and beyond, is important to keep and attract loyal customers. Our superior merchant services can support a wide range of businesses. See below for a list of the many types of businesses we can assist with.

Accounting & Tax Prep

With access to all the essential features, you need to manage your accounting and taxes with ease while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with top-notch security.

Debt Consolidation

Choose a debt consolidation credit card processor that supports your business’s success, even when your chargeback ratio is out of your control.

Hotel & Hospitality

For your lodging business, you need a dependable payment processing system. Moneybox offers hospitality payment processing services for hotels and motels nationwide.

SaaS Companies

Our platform guarantees seamless setup, easy management, and robust security to ensure your peace of mind.

Digital Downloads

Offering paid digital downloads is a modern way for independent artists and entrepreneurs to earn income.

Hunting & Outdoor Equipment

Take advantage of our competitive rates, flexible underwriting, seamless integrations, chargeback prevention, and support.

Self Defense, Tasers & Stun Guns

Choosing a self-defense payment processor is key for your business. With a high-risk payment processor, you’ll have someone who understands the industry and is willing to vouch for you.


We can help you ensure compliance, verify age, prevent fraud, and sell alcohol responsibly.

Drop Shipping

There are many benefits of drop shipping that do not come with traditional business – inventory, shipping, and automation.


Reliable, efficient, and secure payment processing solutions that simplify all aspects of their business operations.

SEO & SEM Services

SEO businesses need robust accounts to access specialized tools like recurring billing, fraud prevention, and a PCI-compliant gateway to process payments.


We provide customized solutions to meet the unique needs of automotive businesses, allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

Jet Charter

A credit card processing company that specializes in charter service merchant accounts knows the risks involved in the industry. Jet charter companies are considered high-risk businesses because they often process large amounts of money per flight.high risk category due to the high amounts that are often processed per flight.

Smoking Accessories

We offer stable credit card processing solutions to retail tobacco and cigar businesses through our partnerships with credit card processors and sponsor banks, and our integration of chargeback and fraud prevention software.

Bail Bonds

Get more clients for your bail bond business today by accepting credit and debit card payments with a bail bonds merchant account.

Educational Seminars

Many educational seminar businesses use a subscription model to generate revenue.

Law Firms

Law firms can now enjoy fast and secure payment processing, with solutions tailored to their specific needs and backed by exceptional customer service.

Clothing & Apparel

With our chargeback and fraud prevention software integration, Moneybox confidently provides retail, and wholesale clothing businesses with the most reliable, effective, and long-lasting credit card processing solutions.

Guns & Firearms

Obtaining gun-friendly credit card processing can be difficult when running a business in regulated industries like firearms and ammunition. You need a supportive credit card processor if you plan to sell, manufacture, or import guns or ammunition.

Moving Companies

We offer secure and reliable solutions for your customers’ information and provide updated API integrations for a safe online payment gateway for transportation services.

Travel Agency

We help travel and timeshare businesses offer multiple payment options to customers. Moneybox provides various merchant services, including different payment methods for a seamless payment experience.

Real Estate

Real estate transactions can now be completed through mobile apps, contactless payments, online shopping carts, or virtual terminals, in addition to traditional methods such as bank transfer, check, or cash.

Property Management

Give your tenets options to pay rent with our integrated payment system with recurring bills.

Web Design Services

Moneybox offers web design and development merchant accounts that can be integrated with most other software or CRM platforms compatible with Ai