Fraud Prevention

Operating your business is challenging enough with out the added stress of credit card fraud. Moneybox has several options to help prevent fraud. We offer solutions that protects both sides of the transaction, the consumer whose information was stolen, and you, the merchant. Online fraud can involve not only fraudulent transactions, but also lost or stolen merchandise, or falsified requests for a refund. Let us help you get protected today!

PCI Compliance

Protect card data with tokenization and end-to-end encryption, paired with EMV-enabled hardware to maintain PCI compliance.

Auto Detect

Auto-detect fraud with integrated solutions for common techniques like friendly fraud.

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Stop Fraud, Build Trust, & Drive Growth with Device-First Fraud Detection

Our customized payment channels ensure maximum security, while effectively reducing the risk of chargebacks and fraud. Our commitment to maintaining the integrity of your sales is unwavering. Experience the best of both worlds with Moneybox.

Chargeback Protection

Chargebacks happen. Moneybox can help you reduce the cost and the frustration. Whether it’s caused by actual fraud committed by identity thieves or “friendly fraud” committed by forgetful or confused customers, Chargebacks are upsetting. With our help, we can give you the resources you need to stop unwanted chargebacks and their associated penalties. 

Deduct Disputes

Set up alerts on your merchant account to detect chargebacks instantly and prevent up to 25% of them.

Analyze Vulnerabilities

Identifying the root causes and origins of chargebacks enables you to act preemptively to mitigate such risks.

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