Learn About Moneybox Merchant Services Inc.

At Moneybox Merchant Services Inc. (Moneybox.com), we aim to create the most approachable, affordable, responsive, and innovative electronic payment solutions provider. We strive to help customers remove payment hurdles while saving time and money.

  • Approachable
  • Affordable
  • Responsive
  • Innovative

We are the most Approachable Payment Processor around!

We provide businesses with affordable payment processing and the best support ever.

Moneybox Merchant Services Inc. (Moneybox.com) is a leading provider of merchant processing, we remove obstacles to payment and help our customers save money. Moneybox knows how essential payments are and how critical cash flow is. So, we decided to provide businesses with world-class payment processing and a full solution of payment software, hardware, and services at the best price possible. We have solutions for credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and other types of payment processing to ensure you can access all the necessary tools to run your business smoothly.

We remove the obstacles to fast, affordable payments.

We specialize in helping SMBs and large-sized businesses across North America streamline their payments. We also support software vendors in integrating payments into their applications and help organizations create new payment revenue streams by facilitating in-house payments.

Moneybox is committed to revolutionizing the payment industry by challenging the status quo and offering a more transparent and cost-effective payment solution. We’re determined to disrupt the traditional credit card processing model by providing complete transparency on our operations. This is making traditional credit card processors nervous: change. One of the key tenets in our mission statement is to be approachable. To that end, we are always open and honest with our clients about costs and do everything we can to minimize them.

Our radical, approachable transparency model is the first of its kind in the industry, and we believe the payment processing industry desperately needs it. We don’t think it’s fair for anyone to pay merchant fees of 3% or more and wait days to access their funds. 

Ready to Get Started?

Accept in-person payments via terminal, POS, or mobile with Moneybox.

Our Mission Break Down


Keep it simple, ensuring customers know exactly what they’re getting


Offer the best price/support ratio around. Best Price, Best Support, Best Deal Always!


You have questions; we have answers! We pride ourselves on customer service and will always excel in this area.


We are always up-to-date on emerging payment trends and technology to provide the best tools.

The Steps in Our Evolution


The first step in our plan was to build a payment processor with an incredibly low-cost structure. That takes innovation, so we need a strong corporate culture, our big focus. We keep costs low and pass that savings on to our customers.

  • We leverage the best people in the industry, building teams enabled by self-hosted software with a metrics-driven culture to operate our business.
  • We work with the best banks and payment technology providers in the world!
  • We keep customer acquisition costs low through communities, word-of-mouth, and partnerships.

Our low-cost infrastructure allows us to pass on the savings to our merchants. We are growing on this front, making merchants happy and saving them money daily. 

We’ve set it up so that even our partners cannot price as low as we do. However, our customers’ lifetime value is just as high as that of other credit card processors because customers do not leave. By being so customer, we have built up loyalty, which shows.

It’s crazy to think that the payment industry typically sees ~30% customer churn per year. We have achieved low churn by offering excellent customer service, unbeatable payment processing, and pricing that is impossible for competitors to undercut.


Our second step is to become a full-blown PAYFAC. This will take time, but we are well on the way. Being a Payment Facilitator will allow us to do more deals and offer even better pricing to our customers. Right now, we are working with many banks to offer the best pricing, and eventually, we will be ready to offer faster onboarding, better rates, and more services and integrations.

End Game

Finally, we continue to invest in supporting digital currency technology. In time, this will drastically decrease merchants’ costs. This is longer-term because it changes the behavior of both consumers and merchants. The world is moving this way, and it will make money transfers cheap, immediate, and global.

This is our process and plan. We’re working to build an exceptional company that is loved by our customers and employees and guided by solid values and working principles.