Firearm-Friendly Payment Processing

MoneyBox Offers the Lowest Processing Fees of Any Firearm Payment Processing Company

Our Average Payment Processing Rate for FFLs is 2.5%

Using our “interchange plus” pricing model, we can give firearm dealers a much lower rate than other high-risk payment processors. Instead of charging a flat 5.9% as most processing companies do, we add a small markup to the wholesale fee charged by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and other card networks. 

Offer Financing to Firearms Customers

Through integrations with Afterpay, Affirm, and Klarna, we can offer your customers financing on their firearms purchases. This is widely unavailable to most within the gun world unless they are a large company or choose to finance in-house, but we can offer consumer financing to FFLs of all sizes. 

Why Choose MoneyBox For FFL Payment Processing

We give FFLs the best rates, customer service, and flexibility of any payment processor.

ATF Compliant

All payment processing is 100% ATF compliant whether for standard FFLs, class three transactions, or any other ATF-regulated transaction. 

Transparent Pricing

We are fully transparent on our margin for each transaction, so you know you are working with a company you can trust. 

Same Day Funding

We will never hold your money and deposit all sales into your account the same day or the next day, helping you avoid liquidity issues. 

Fraud Protection

Due to difficulty tracing firearm purchases made with a debit or credit card, it is a common target for fraudsters. We protect you against fraud of all forms. 

Chargeback Protection

With the average transaction in the firearm world sitting anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars, chargebacks can cause a liquidity crisis. We help you fight chargebacks and keep the money that is rightfully yours. 

No Sudden Account Freezes

Many dealers face issues with sudden account freezes, typically resulting in changes to the terms of service of the payment processor. We will never freeze your account. 

How Interchange Plus Pricing Works

Card Processing Rates
Card Network Interchange Rate Our Margin Your Processing Fee
Visa Debit 0.80% + 15¢ + 1.2% 2.00% + 15¢
Visa Credit 1.51% + 10¢ + 1.2% 2.71% + 10¢
Mastercard Debit 1.05% + 22¢ + 1.2% 2.25% + 22¢
Mastercard Credit 1.65% + 10¢ + 1.2% 2.85% + 10¢

We can give our customers low rates because of interchange plus pricing. All card networks (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) charge an interchange price to allow a transaction to occur on their network. Payment processing companies set their fee above this interchange price and keep the spread between their fee and the interchange price. 

Most processors set a flat rate, so even if their interchange price is lower, you still pay them the same amount. That is unfair. So, we add on a small margin to the interchange rate, meaning if our costs are lower, so are yours. The table below details how this works with current interchange prices and a sample rate of 1.2%. 

Accepting Payments

Whether you are an online store, an in-person store, or take orders over the phone, we have a payment gateway for you. 

Online Payments: 

If you are an online store for firearms, ammunition, or accessories, we create an e-commerce merchant account, allowing you to accept payments on your website. We integrate with most major check out solutions including 

In-Person Payments:

If you operate a physical store, we create a retail merchant account for you. We also give you a point-of-sale system or stand-alone terminal, allowing you to easily and quickly accept payments in-store. 

Phone Payments:

If you accept payments over the phone, we will create a MOTO merchant account along with a payment gateway allowing you to input the customer’s information.

We Have a 98% Merchant Account Approval Rate – Even for High Risk Businesses Such as Firearm Dealers

Supported Guns and Firearm Businesses

No matter your place in the industry, we can support you. 

Business Categories
Ammunition Retailer Armslist CCW Classes
Components and Accessories Courses, Classes, and Training Gun Shops
Gun Broker GunsAmerica Military & Tactical Gear
Online Firearm Dealers Pawn Shops Shooting Ranges

We Are a Pro-2nd Amendment Business

Today, most companies only work with firearm-related businesses if they have to. At MoneyBox, we prefer it. We are strong supporters of the 2nd amendment.

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  • Rate Decreases Every 18-24 Months

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