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Moneybox: Exceptional Rates and Tailored Solutions for Hotels and Hospitality Merchants

Moneybox is delighted to provide exceptional rates for credit card processing tailored to hotels and other hospitality merchants. Our transparent pricing structure is specifically designed to cater to your unique processing requirements. Additionally, Moneybox presents competitive fees for high-volume credit card processing to lodging & hospitality merchants who process over $100,000 per month.

Moreover, Moneybox is committed to supporting our merchants by offering a comprehensive suite of tools, including a virtual terminal equipped with convenient payment link management, an advanced terminal featuring a specialized hospitality application, and a variety of other valuable resources.

Lodging and Auto Rental Payment Solutions: Specialized Gateways and Terminals

It’s worth noting that many merchants and customers don’t realize that Lodging and Auto Rental companies have distinct credit card processing requirements. You might be pondering the rationale behind this. The primary cause is that these merchant categories permit extended credit card authorizations. Recognizing that penalizing lodging merchants for their standard business practices would be illogical, the card associations (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex) have developed a unique program exclusively for lodging and auto-rental merchants. This program allows merchants to authorize a credit card without immediately “capturing” the final sale, which can occur several weeks later.

Limited Terminal Options for Lodging Applications: Integrated Lodging Gateways

Numerous lodging and auto-rental merchants choose to employ specialized lodging and rental gateways tailored to the lodging industry. We can integrate with the majority of these gateways.

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