Web Design Services

As businesses invest in enhancing their online presence, the significance of having an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional website continues to grow. Research indicates that many individuals consider website design a critical determinant of a brand’s credibility. Beyond influencing user behavior, a subpar user experience can lead to increased cart abandonment. Recognizing the value of a skilled website development company, there is a burgeoning demand for a diverse range of design styles and price points to help elevate the overall quality of websites in the industry.

Banks and credit card processors often categorize web design services as high-risk due to various factors contributing to financial and reputational risks. These factors include:

  1. Selling intangible services: Tracking the sale of services is more challenging than tracking the sale of physical products, which can lead to confusion and potential payment mix-ups.
  2. High ticket sales: As quality web design services are not inexpensive, high-value transactions carry a greater risk of merchant services fraud and chargeback disputes.
  3. Chargebacks and disputes: Online businesses, particularly those selling services, face a higher risk of chargebacks and disputes, which can result in account closure and loss of the website merchant account.

To address these risks, web design companies must seek a high risk payment processor that is capable of mitigating these issues. This will ensure the business can maintain its operations and avoid potential account closures.

Web Design Services

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The benefit of a high merchant account

Securing a high risk website merchant account tailored to the unique requirements of a web design company is essential. Key features such as fraud and chargeback mitigation, auto-invoicing, and a virtual terminal are crucial for maintaining secure transactions for both the company and its customers. By prioritizing these features, web design companies can ensure a seamless and secure payment processing experience.

Seamless Integrations

You can maximize your sales potential with Moneybox’s web design and development merchant accounts. Our accounts are compatible and integrate seamlessly with some of the market’s top ecommerce, CRM, and marketing automation platforms. Boost your business’s growth with our efficient and reliable payment solutions that work with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Volusion, ZohoCRM, Salesforce, Choose Moneybox and experience a hassle-free payment process that helps your business thrive.